One Body. On Mission. Experiencing God.

Pastor Roger Huang was called to the Tenderloin Community in 1984. Fast forward to today, the work has led to growth of a community outreach center and the church is still vibrant and filled with passion as ever. Currently, we have an influx of young and passionate people attending our Sunday services. We are a body of believers of the Word of God who worship within the community in which we serve. We are old and young | rich and poor | black and white. We represent the kingdom of God here on earth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to Christ-centered spiritual transformation in the city of San Francisco beginning with the Tenderloin district by worshipping with the community that we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise up a generation who knows God by His Word and to be the light for the city of San Francisco.

Our Pastors

Senior Pastor

  • Pastor Roger Huang

church Advisory committee

  • Pastor Roger Huang, Pastor Maite Huang, Pastor Ralph Gella, Alex Quock, Pastor Ryan Hsu

Church Leaders

Worship Leader

  • Alex Quock


  • Lisa Dieker and Jared Gella